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Ames Laboratory, Department of Energy, ISU, Ames, Iowa

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Completed ABC Replica

Front view of the completed ABC replica
Click for large (1280x960) photo
View of the ABC replica over the front left corner Click for large (1280x960) photo

The picture at the left shows the digital storage oscilloscopes that were connected to the first three coefficient memory brushes to display the actual data in the machine during operation of the ABC. The picture at the right shows the machine in roughly the same orientation as the diagrams and sketches of the Progress and Diagrams page.

Operators Panel

Operator's Controls

The operator's panel for the ABC is shown above. On the top row, looking left to right, are these buttons, switches, and indicators:

In the second row from the top: And the third row from the top: The bottom half of the operator's panel is dedicated to two sets of thirty pegs. The top set of pegs selects the coefficient for which Carry/Borrow Overflow is detected, and the bottom set of pegs selects the coefficient for which Zero is detected. Two special jumper wires, one for each of the rows of pegs, are inserted to select the appropriate coefficient.


Dennis Sailsbury tapes while Charles Schorb executes a computation
The ABC had traveled to Washington, D.C. in October, 1997 for a demonstration at the National Press Club. It then toured the state of Iowa during the winter and spring seasons. Despite logging thousands of miles since its demonstration in Washington, D.C., the computer was in fine shape when it returned to its "home" at B40 Spedding Hall May 19, 1998.

The operation of the Atanasoff-Berry Computer replica was demonstrated and taped on video at the end of May, 1998 for production of an ABC tutorial video. For the demonstration, the ABC computer successfully solved the system of equations

 x - 3y = -11
2x + 4y =   8
giving the results x = -2 and y = 3.

John Erickson looks over the base 10 conversion drum

Guy Helmer, Charles Shorb, and John Gustafson pose with the ABC

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